The Sign Team

" Expose your business to a greater audience "

If you have business vehicles then you already have a potential moving billboard. Vehicle signage is a great attention grabbing way to promote your business 365 days a year. We design, produce and apply graphics for all types of vehicles and machinery from cars, B-train trucks to diggers.

Want graphics on your windows, but are worried about blocking your vision? We have special one way vision material designed for windows, so you can still see out and have the graphics you want.

We also offer Ultramags for vehicles. Magnetic signs which are easy to remove and reposition anywhere on the vehicle.
The Sign Team

" Helping you get your message across "

Computer cut vinyl is now an industry standard with a wide range of media available that has grown and improved over the years.

Vinyl graphics can be applied to almost any surface. There is a wide variety of font styles and colours to choose, ranging from solid colour to fluro, reflective and even textured.

Give us a call here at the Signteam to see how we can help.
The Sign Team

" Anything's possible when you go digital "

Digital printing is the modern way of getting photographic images or complex designs onto a sign, vehicle or building. Using hi-res images allows you to enlarge to the size you want without losing quality which gives you more visually appealing signage than just lettering.

We provide digital prints for footpath signs, safety decals, roadside signs, buildings and everything else. There are so many options available when you print digitally, so let your imagination run wild and give us a call to discuss your impact signage.
The Sign Team

" Get your business noticed with eye catching signage "

Attractive and effective building signage is an important tool to entice potential customers into your business. Whether it’s just a sign above the door, a shop front or a complete exterior re-brand, we can do it. Everything from fascias, parapets, columns, window frosting to lightboxes. We know that every business is different and we work with you to produce signage within your budget.

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The Sign Team

" Get high impact advertising with footpath signs "

If its directions, displaying what your business offers, or just an 'OPEN' sign then The Signteam can produce it for you. Using digital prints or self-adhesive vinyl we can cater to your needs. There are a variety of styles to choose from - spinning signs, light plastic (not weighted), weighted base (with water or sand), and different colours.Contact The SignTeam today to sort out your sign.
The Sign Team

" Want some privacy or just to make your windows visually appealing? "

Window frosting film can be used on both interior and exterior glass and is a good way to let in the light but not people’s eyes. You can also use it for safety vision strips on glass panel doors and windows. The Signteam can computer cut your business name and logo into the film or any graphics that you require, just give us a call!
The Sign Team

" Is your vehicle not always used for business? "

Magnetic signs (Ultramag) are a quick and easy option for non-permanent vehicle signwriting. Simple application of Ultramags, brands your vehicle for business use then remove them for personal use. Contact us today to see how we can help.
The Sign Team

" Looking for that traditional touch? "

If you are a school, club or organisation looking for Honours Boards or have one that needs updating then you've come to the right place. We can produce both traditional, hand painted gold leaf application, and contemporary, self-adhesive gold vinyl, Honours Boards. Traditionally they are on a light or dark woodgrain panel but can also be made on any material and even any colour text.

Give us a call today to discuss which option best suits your needs.
The Sign Team

" Need a non-permanent but effective form of advertising? "

Banners can be made any size and can advertise whatever you want, be it for a 'SALE' or an expo and everything in between. They give you that big sign presence without the permanent installation. Produced with digital prints or computer cut vinyl graphics, banners can be used for indoor and outdoor advertising to give your company that extra bit of exposure. Talk to The Signteam today.
The Sign Team

" Put your business name in lights! "

With hundreds of businesses out there, don't limit your sign advertising to just the daytime, with lightboxes you can advertise 24 hours a day and help your customers find you in the dark.

Give us a call today to see how we can brighten up your company name.
The Sign Team

" Get your name out there with promotional material "

We have a variety of products to help you promote your business even more. We do business cards, the cheapest form of advertising, Brochures, Flyers, Letterheads, A6 Notepads,Postcards.

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